Symbiosis is a textile wall hanging commissioned by the Eden Project and Wellcome Trust for permanent public display as part of Eden Projects human microbiome exhibition. Our bodies are an enormous microbial community with a need to be kept in a healthy balance and we are therefore referred to as an eco-system. Using this analogy of the body being like a geographical area, the two-dimensional figure is brought to life by drawing her landscape similar to the contour lines found on a map. Upon this terrain are the chartered areas of the trillions of microbes represented as hand embroidered French knots. The colours represent the major groups of microbes present on the skin, and give a sense of the diversity, proportions and distributions of the communities that make our bodies their home. The bright, seductive and tactile surface is embellished rather than blemished, a means to focusing on the positive aspects of our human microbiome. The foetus is microbe free and quietly awaits it journey into the world for its first seeding of microbes.