I am a qualified teacher with over ten years experience in varied educational settings. My specialisms are in fine art and textiles up to degree level, but I also have experience in up to level 1 maths and English, religion and ethics at GCSE level.  My work in education precedes my venture into studying fine art, demonstrating it has always been a passion of mine.  The age ranges I have worked with stem from nursery up to retirement age.  I have done community education workshops, teaching at secondary mainstream and referral units and visiting artist work at several UK universities.



rebecca harris bodmin college art workshop
Eden Project micro macro rebecca harris workshop
Rebecca Harris bodmin college art workshop

From nursery through to the retired I have delivered a variety of art based workshops.  I can offer drawing skills, collaging, development of ideas, crochet, embroidery (both hand and machine) and much more.  Within these, I can offer a variety of themed projects for them to work on, rather than just skill based activities.  The images above are of the workshop delivered as part of my Eden Project commission in which I worked with Bodmin College to develop their show on the micro/macro.  They explored the parallels between ecosystems within the human body and the rainforest.  Exercises started with a brainstorming exercise before moving onto collaging to develop ideas and finally their work for a temporary show at the Eden Project in 2015.  Further workshops have been delivered at universities, college, community education and in 2017 a women's prison on the outskirts of London.

Please contact me to discuss any workshops you would like me to deliver.


Rebecca Harris artist talk at Eden Project
Rebecca Harris artist talk for BA textile Practices at Plymouth College of Art

I have delivered talks as a visiting artist to many universities around the UK.  Mainly presenting my research (click images below) which includes Birmingham, Leeds, York, Plymouth and Oxford University.  For the paper presentation I gave at Oxford you can listen to the podcast here.  In 2017 I gave a talk at Exeter Phoenix and I have been a visiting artist, delivering talks and workshops, for both fine art and textile practices, at Plymouth College of Art.

If you would be interested in me visiting your college or university then please get in touch to discuss my day rates and availability.


As well as the above, I offer private tutoring.  If you are studying fine art or textiles, and need some extra support, I am more than happy to discuss how we could work together to support your progress.  Furthermore, not just for students, if you require any one-to-one tutoring in supporting the development of your work, writing papers, statements, commission bids etc, then do get in touch!



I hold a current DBS certificate and am subscribed to their update service so you can easily check online to view.  I have also completed child protection training at levels one and two.  I have experience of working learning disabilities, behavioural challenges and mental health conditions.




Teacher Training Reference

To Whom It May Concern

It is with genuine pleasure that I write this reference for Rebecca Harris.

Rebecca was a student on the 1 year full – time PGCE (DTLLS) course that ran here at Cornwall College 2009 / 2010.

Rebecca is a highly intelligent and able young lady. She has a quiet confidence and her contributions to the input sessions showed an ability to clearly evaluate and to speak her mind with clarity and honesty. [...]

Rebecca has taught a challenging range of students often in mixed ability groups. Her classroom management is very good and she delivers her courses with enthusiasm and genuine concern for her students. She is particularly able to support less able students whilst challenging stronger students.

Rebecca has endless patience and a naturally humanistic belief that there is a way through to all students. Rather than take issue with their attitude she has made them see how the subject relates to their skills and future aspirations. She makes the activities themselves enjoyable and is able to get all her students working productively and engaging with the subject. This lead to my being able to award her last two observed sessions with highly deserved grade ones, a rarity on an initial teacher training course.

Rebecca has a rare way with very disaffected students. Never judgemental, always supportive she is able to relate personally to her students, make them see how this session will benefit them and clarify concepts that had floored and demotivated them.

Rebecca would be a valuable asset to any teaching team. Always self critical to a fault she has the ability to recognise both her strengths and her weaknesses and a determination to pursue a craft which she genuinely sees as a vocation. Don't let this lady slip through your fingers, practitioners as good as this both academically and practically don't come along every day. She will be a great inspiration to challenged learners.

Mike Walker (Tutor.School of Education and Training. Cornwall College Camborne Campus)


Oxford University Reference (extract)

I have known Rebecca D Harris for less than a year, but have been aware of her work since 2014 when her work was published in the book ‘The Politics of Size: Perspectives from the Fat Acceptance Movement’. With Karin Eli, I have been working on a research article on body fatness in art, and Rebecca was an automatic choice for spotlighting as an exemplar in this field. Subsequently, as Director of the Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity, University of Oxford, it was a great pleasure to invite her to present her work in the most recent seminar series. In this, Rebecca demonstrated to a very critical academic audience her work and its importance in understanding how excess body fatness impacts on individuals and society through her very personal account and her creation of extremely strong and evocative thought works through engagement with diverse materials, especially fabrics. She was open, engaging, interesting and very happy to share her knowledge gained through embodied and material practice, and quickly won over the audience. [...]

Stanley J Ulijaszek
Professor of Human Ecology
Director, Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
University of Oxford